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Medical Records Department is responsible for maintaining, storing and smooth flow of patient medical records in a standardize and professional manner in order to protect patient confidentiality to promote authentic patient care.

Medical Records is systemic documentation of a patient’s medical history and care. It contains necessary data in sequence in order to justify the diagnosis, treatment and outcome correctly and effectively.

IPD patient discharge summary are generally provided from medical records department as well as all kinds of insurance claim forms are also processed by medical records department as per the protocol of this hospital (BSHL). Some charges to be paid at accounts department for different kind of documents.

  • Birth certificate/duplicate birth certificate
  • Duplicate/amended death certificate
  • Fitness certificate/medical certificate
  • Duplicate copy of investigations (radiological and pathological)

To provide copies of health records the maximum costs are:
Service Name
Fee Rate
1Discharge Certificate Duplicate CopyBDT 500/=
2Discharge Certificate AmendmentBDT 500/=
3Death Certificate Duplicate CopyBDT 500/=
4Death Certificate AmendmentBDT 500/=
5Case Investigation ReportBDT 500/=
6Case summary ReportBDT 500/=
7Filling of insurance claims formBDT 500/=
8Birth CertificateBDT 500/=
9Birth Certificate Duplicate CopyBDT 500/=
10Birth Certificate AmendmentBDT 500/=