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Dr. Sheikh Anisul Haque

MBBS, MD (Transfusion Medicine)

Associate consultant,Transfusion Medicine Department, BSHL

About BSHL Blood Bank:

BSHL Blood Bank is a place for testing, screening, collecting, processing and storing of whole blood, packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelet concentrate gathered as a result of blood donation by family members, friends and volunteer donors, preserved for patients use in this hospital and also other hospitals on request. We are committed to ensure 24hrs service of providing most secure blood transfusion policy and maintain quality in every aspects. BSHL blood bank provides safest possible blood for the patients which follows the American Association of Blood Bank (AABB) guideline, USFDA guideline is used for donor infectious diseases screening (HBs Ag, HIV-1 &II, Anti – HCV, VDRL, Malaria). The blood bank is located at Level-11 at extension building and is a government approved blood bank.

Who May Donate Blood?

Blood donation is a healthy habit that helps blood renewal and it is not hazardous at all. The volume of blood collected from a donor is about 450ml, this volume is compensated within 24hrs of donation and body replace the lost red cells within several weeks. Eligible healthy donors (age 18 to 60 years, having Hb >12gm/dl and weight >45) male can donate blood every 4 months interval and female every 6 months interval. Platelet Apheresis donor’s age should be 18 to 60 years weight >50kg and has not taken the medicine Plavix/Ticlid for last 14 days.

Some Instructions Prior Blood Donation:
  • Do not donate blood on an empty stomach.
  • Maintain a gap of 30 min after meal.
  • Good sleep on the previous night.
  • Drink water (2 glass) before blood donation
  • Do not donate blood if you have fever, taking antibiotics or aspirin or antihistamine or insulin.
  • Do not take alcohol 24hrs prior blood donation.
  • Do not smoke 30 min before or after blood donation.
  • Avoid driving, vigorous exercise or playing tennis for at least 2-3hrs after blood donation.
Some Instructions after Blood Donation: 
  • Eat and Drink something before leaving the blood donor area.
  • Drink more fluid for next 4 hours.
  • If there is bleeding from phlebotomy site raise arm and apply pressure to the site.
  • If fainting or dizziness occur either lie down or sit with the head between the knees.
  • If the symptom persist either telephone or returns to the blood bank or see a doctor.
  • Resume all normal activity if asymptomatic.
  • Remove bandage after 1 hour.

Collection of Blood:

Prior to blood donation, we do a screening process of the donor which consists of confidential medical examinations including medical history, hemoglobin examination, blood pressure, weight , pulse and temperature check . Then, a small amount of blood sample is taken for grouping, check for infectious diseases and cross matching. If all tests are okay then the donor is asked to donate blood. All our materials used in blood donation are strictly sterile and disposable.

Single Donor Apheresis Platelet (SDP) are prepared by connecting the donor to a machine and selectively collecting the platelet and returning the remaining blood components back to the donor.

Storage of Blood:

1.Whole Blood: Volume: 450ml
  • Self-Life: 35 days using CPDA1 as anticoagulant
  • Storage Temp: 2-60 C   
2.Packed RBC:  Prepared by cell separation from donated whole blood.
  • Volume: 200-250ml
  • Self-Life: 35days using CPDA1 as anticoagulant
  • Storage Temp: 2-60 C   
3.Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP): Prepared by cell separation from donated whole blood.
  • Volume: 150-200ml
  • Self-Life: I Years
  • Storage Temp: -300 C or lower
4.Platelet Concentrate:
  • Random Donor Platelet (RDP): 
  • Volume: 50-60ml (From 1 unit whole blood)
  • Self-Life: 5 days 
  • Storage Temp: 20-240 C with agitation using platelet shaker.
  • Single Donor Platelet (SDP):
  • Volume: 200-400ml (From single donor)
  • Self-Life: 5 days 
  • Storage Temp: -20-240 C with agitation using platelet shaker.
Blood Component available in BSHL Blood Bank:
  • Whole Blood
  • Packed Red Blood Cell (PBRC)
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  • Platelet Concentrate
  • Apheresis Platelet
  • Fresh Platelet Riched Plasm
  • Cryoprecipitate (15ml)
  • Cryo poor plasma (180ml)
  • Autologous PRP
Other Services BSHL Blood Bank:
  • Coomb’s test (Direct +Indirect)
  • ICT Cross matching
  • Rh Antibody detection and titration
  • Adetection 
  • Ddetection
  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  • Stem Cell Collection