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Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Limited is responsible for ensuring and sustaining the health care service to people in broad-spectrum. It is our desire to establish betterment of corporate health care service to all interested entity. Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Limited been decorated with all kind of sophisticated and modernized equipment and highly trained personnel to ensure one stop services. 


Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Limited has signed corporate agreements with more than 50+ reputed organizations. These organizations include Banks, Insurance companies, Hotel & Tourism, Pharmaceuticals Company, Telecom Sector, Group of Company and Multinational Companies etc. If your organization is a corporate client of Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Limited, you are entitled to receive priority corporate services as a corporate patient here. 


For the convenience of attending calls and visits by doctors, patients and their families for referral, we have dedicated One-stop Service Desk (Corporate Desk) in Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Limited premises. Our Executives at this desk are eager and willing to present our facilities and services to you as per your need and provide any information you might require about Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Limited. Our One-Stop Service Desk is in service 8.00 am to 8.00 pm every day.  


We provide the following priority services to you as a corporate patient of Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Limited:

  • One stop IPD & OPD services
  • Service provide for corporate clients without any queue  
  • Always dedicated executive person is ready to help you
  • Priority base Doctor’s appointment (Condition Apply)
  • Priority base 24 hours ambulance services
  • One dedicated mobile number for 24 hours services
  • Providing of Health Awareness Programs in different corporate houses or institutions, where our Consultants and allied medical specialties present talks on relevant health, diet and other lifestyle discipline issues to enhance and ensure productive working environment in day-to-day life.
  • Arrangement of group vaccination for employees and families of different organizations upon request, either in their selected premises or in Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Limited Vaccination Centre.
  • Providing cash-less IPD & OPD services to the corporate patient (only for patients insured by insurance providers under corporate agreement with the hospital as per our updated terms & conditions). 

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