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It is a matter of fact that national development mostly depends on the healthy nation. BSHL is now not confined only to business but is considered as the strategic partner of national development by providing quality health care services with competitive price.
Bangladesh Specialized Hospital has just completed the two years of its successful journey towards its goal. I am proud of getting the opportunity to be involved with BSHL. Alike any beginning of a journey this was also not a very smooth one. Yet the beauty was the way the senior and junior colleagues and the consultants gathered around to support us, we could overcome the initial struggle, and we are forging ahead right at the moment. This has been a small but tremendous success story so far. Because we kept our commitment and maintained a steady progress through towards our goal set with the vision of putting up the example of excellence with the state of the art facilities.
With this kind of achievements we already have success but our thirst of success continued. Being at the helm of the operation there is no doubt that our whole team of BSH shall achieve the ability to provide high quality care towards our all clients. Our primary goal is to dedicate ourselves to those who are coming to us seeking help in distress.
We hope that the health care services provided by BSHL will bring an enormous success to enhance the quality of the health system and proper deliverance of healthcare in Bangladesh with modern global health care facilities at affordable cost.
I would like to thank you all for arranging this mega program and wish all the success to our beloved BSHL.


Chief Executive Officer, BSHL